Songs that matter to you (or not) — I smile

Created with Canva — Luc Dermul

The song, enjoy :-)

Source : Youtube : Kirk Franklin — I Smile

Tom Wilson was right…

Each morning at six o’clock a nasty sound tells me to get up and get ready for work.

After my usual morning rituals in the bathroom, having my first cigarette (I know, I know is bad for your health); I head out to the bus stop to get to my work.

It’s a 30 minute's drive, time I spend reading a book.

A daily routine I have for many years…

Last Thursday something happened on the bus…

Halfway through the…

Songs that matter to you (or not) — Don’t you (forget about me)

The song,enjoy :-)

YouTube — Simple Minds

An SMS from my mom

Me and my mother texting each other (and having our weekly call) is not something special.

Actually, with the COVID-19 virus still around and strict rules about visiting one another in my country (Belgium) and not be able to visit her, we text even more than before the pandemic hit our lives.

But the SMS I am going to tell you about was special to me…

Good news! Got my first vaccine. Soon we can meet again. Thinking of you love mom xxx.

Songs that matter to you (or not) — Can’t stop the feeling!

The song,enjoy :-)

Youtube — Justin Timberlake Can’t stop the feeling!

Winter time: dark days, dark thoughts?

The candles are lit and we snuggle up next to each other on the couch under a blanket. But we also know this romanticized picture of winter is not the full story.

A winter dip, winter blues, or even a winter depression. One person has more problems with the other, but we (almost) all know the gloomy feeling.

You prefer to lock yourself in your room with a very thick sweater, Netflix, and have food delivered.

Actually, you don’t feel…

Songs that matter to you (or not) — Soldier on

The song,enjoy :-)

Youtube — DI-RECT — Soldier On

Hard times…

There are a plenty of reasons out there why we smile, and not always out of joy as I pointed out in my previous blog post.

And then there are times we are so much in pain we can no longer smile.

You feel so bad to an amount that you even want to end your own life because life does not feel worth living or have no future.

Photo by arash payam on Unsplash

I am no expert on this field, so I don’t have a clear-cut answer to…

For a business, your blog is a marketing channel that helps increase visibility online, brand awareness.

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Business blogging isn’t all about you. If you’re not providing value to your ideal prospects and customers (i.e. answering their questions, addressing their ideas), you’re taking the wrong approach to blog for business and are unlikely to attract traffic or subscribers.

When you write a blog post, focus on helping to solve the problems of your readers. They’re counting on you.

How often should you post on your blog?

It depends on you, the time that you have and the way you like to work. I do suggest planning out a content…

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